National Treasure vs. The Pursuit of Happyness



Its like choosing between getting kicked in the groin, or punched in the groin - either way you're likely to be keeled over in pain.

I am absoulutley ashamed of myself for enjoying Pursuit of Happyness. It has just about every cliche I hate, and yet I still like it for some reason.

This is a tough call. Although, I could make the decision based on the fact that I own Pursuit of Happyness and not National Treasure. It would depend on my mood which one I would choose. Since the time has come to rate these two, I'll just say that I'm going with the one I own, simply because I'm always in need of the reminder than if we chase our dreams, eventually we are bound to catch them.

Apart from its final few minutes, The Pursuit of Happyness is just brutally depressing. It goes way overboard, in my opinion. National Treasure may be dumb, but at least it's enjoyable to watch. Easy choice...

Pursuit of happyness

National Treasure, it's more fun and I don't remember anything that wasn't heartwarming crap from Pursuit of Happyness.

Pursuit of Happyness even though it was pretty depressing.

the depressing sad story versus the over-board adventure. Hey, at least National had a better beginning.

I am a National Treasure fan. Ita a thrill ride, and yes i know it is cheesy, but it is still fun. The Pursuit of Happiness is a wonderful feel good story, but at the end of the day, it drags due to serious pacing issues and some shotty dialogue.