Sherlock Jr. vs. The General



on 6/28/2010

Buster Keaton is amazing. Sherlock Jr. is hilarious but the stunts in The General are wildly entertaining and better than most of the crap that comes out nowadays. I would recommend watching either of these to anyone who is not familiar with classic silent comedies.

on 4/15/2012

I love these both. While I find Sherlock Jr. more enjoyable, I think The General is the better film.

on 3/5/2014

I need to give "The General" another go, especially after enjoying "Sherlock Jr." a great deal. I like "The General" but its possible to like it more on a rewatch

on 3/5/2014

General is the best Buster Keaton I've seen so far. Sherlock Jr. is the 2nd best. Both worth your time, but the General is one of the best movies I've seen.

on 9/27/2014

Has to be The General

on 9/27/2014

Or... Sherlock?

on 9/28/2014

Both are fantastic comedies. The General is the better film, no doubt. Yet Sherlock Jr. has a certain charm to it which puts it higher on my Flickchart.

on 5/27/2015

I second Mr. Arthouse.

on 5/27/2015

General was funny, but i love Sherlock Jr.

on 1/22/2017

I'll go with the "meta" of Sherlock Jr.

on 11/8/2017

both are utterly incredible, but i prefer the general

on 11/17/2017

I appreciate the inventiveness of a few sequences in Sherlock Jr., but The General seemed more cohesive, and bigger in a lot of ways. I was amazed by how Keaton pulled off so many things that would require such copious amounts of CGI were The General made today.