Black Panther vs. Wonder Woman



These have been some of the most talked about superhero movies in recent years. They've been praised for bringing something new to the genre. Black Panther has great characters, an incredible third act, and one of the best MCU villains. However, I'll pick Wonder Woman for having a better story and better action. I prefer Themyscira over Wakanda. I also really love the World War I setting.

Wakanda forever! Wakanda felt vibrant, spiritual and felt like a character on it's own. And while Wonder Woman failed to deliver when it comes to supporting characters, Black Panther had 3 new particularly memorable supporting characters (Shuri/Okoye/M'Baku) with 2 well-made villains. Killmonger was without a doubt the best MCU villain, yes even over Loki. "Everybody dies, it's just how things are around here." One line, one scene, and you know everything you need to know about the villain. You can tell his cause is about so much more than just revenge. Though he can be sympathetic at times, he is also easy to hate, especially the scene where he burnt the Heart-Shaped Herb and when he beat T'Chlla at Warrior's Falls. A good character is someone you can understand, a good villain is someone you can fear or hate. I never felt that Loki could defeat Thor and his reasons for turning evil seem petty in comparison to Killmonger. Yes both movies are overhyped, but Black Panther is more fun to watch in my opinon due to the abundance of great characters and the beautiful visuals.


I suppose in this era of shared universes these two stand alone flicks felt "fresh" to certain audiences. Neither were anything special imo, albeit being ok/good. I'll let the flickchart decide whichever I have ranked higher.

Black Panther for having a better 3rd act

Two groundbreaking films that will change cinema forever. The first female superheroine that is worth remembering forever vs the first African superhero that is worth remembering forever. Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther wins. Wonder Woman suffered from a lackluster villain. Black Panther's villain was great.

Black Panther is flawed (uneven pacing, bad jokes and dialogue and some bad CGI in places) but it still had substance, great social commentary, great chemistry between the actors and a good villain! Wonder Woman, err, I mean the locations it visits are great but nothing of interests happen in them!

Both mediocre efforts that don't do much other than have an african guy/woman as the lead superhero. Wakanda is far more interesting than whatever that island was called. Killmonger was also a much more interesting villain than whatever the villain in WW was called. The music of BP was also much better than that electronic shit in WW in a WWI setting.

Gotta go Black Panther....

Black Panther.

Black Panther is definitely watchable and great moments while Wonder Woman wasn’t that far succeed of conclusion but Marvel > DC any day.

Black Panther is generally good and Wonder Woman is pure overrated underwhelming.

looks like im the only one going for wonder woman

black panther is best of 2018, wonder woman is best of 2017 and masterpiece

black panther wins old unlike Wonder Woman he really has a much better villain