Black Panther vs. The Dark Knight



Black Panther was impressing but I siding on Dark Knight.

Black Panther is too recent. Give it some more time to age THEN we'll see how these two measure up head-to-head

We don’t need time to measure the two because The Dark Knight will always be the superior film!

the dark knight is the better film, but I just slightly prefer black panther's vision

Black Panther's box office is the most amazing thing about either of these movies. A lot of people have labeled both as good but vastly overrated.

The Dark Knight just gets better and better with every passing year, quickly approaching the 10 year anniversary of this masterpiece, easily the greatest 10-year celebration of anything in history.

What's more overrated should be the question. At least Black Panther has relevance today unlike the overblown DK.

Love both, but out of the two I would pick TDK.

Black Panther is great but TDK is special

Black Panther is average at best but TDK is nothing special anymore either.

The Dark Knight is in the top echelon of comic book movies, Black Panther is slightly above average but is a bit of a bore in places.

Black Panther is far the watchable and great story motion characters and while TDK is just the most overrated unpleasant franchise ever.

the dark knight shitstomps black panther

lol and tdk has so much relevance since the corona shet

Yeah, probably the two most over hyped cbm of all-time. Not half as good as people pretend that they are yet TDK isn't bad. Beats Black Panther.

TDK by far. Black Panther is extremely overrated.

the dark knight is awesome.

The fact that critics overrate Black Panther to the point that they believe it's the best superhero film is laughable. The Dark Knight any day

dark knight is awesome but it is mostly heath ledger, black panther wins it is not overrated

not really, TDK has a way better story, character developments, not just black = good. oh did i mention a way better villain and also better action, BP's action scenes are so bad even TDK's weak actions >> BP's

Dark Knight, no questions

@noobpb17 so now you are being racist?

racist? how am i being racist? if you're gonna use the "oh you're racist cause it has a black protagonist", i liked blade 1 and 2

racist? how am i being racist? if you're gonna use the "oh you're racist cause it has a black protagonist", i liked blade 1 and 2

blade movies are garbage, they are just plain action and no story. black panther has one of the best stories ever in the mcu, thus better than dark knight. you said "not just black = good', this already proofs that you are a racist trump supporting nazi

ohhhhhhh, by that logic you hated all blade movies, blade has a black protagonist, well doesn't that make you a racist?

black panther has a best picture nomination, dark knight has none. black panther had 3 wins and dark knight only had 2

dude it's funny how quick you tried to change the subject from the "racist". dude don't tell me you are going to use oscars as a debate, black panther didn't deserve the oscar, many people agreed with that. Also the only reason black panther got nominated is because of how the dark knight pushed the nominations from 5 to 10 places, BP owes TDK for it's oscar even if it's undeserved

black panther has 88 score in metacritic to dark knight's 84 score, black panther has 97 score in rotten tomatoes to dark knight's 94 score

This debate is so stupid it should have ended long ago 1. How does not liking Black Panther make you racist, I don’t hate Black Panther but that is just plain stupid. I hate X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it mainly has white people in the cast, am i racist now? No! 2. Black Panther’s average score is 8.2 while Dark Knight’s is 8.6. 3. Black Panther is overrated by the critics, it has way too many problems, like it’s pacing for it to even be consider MCU’s top 5, let alone being better than Dark Knight 4. Black Panther has some terrible CGI, especially the war rhinos, Dark Knight which is 10 years before Black Panther and used CGI only for Two-Face, still looks way better than Black Panther

yeah the same critics that gave CM a higher score than Joker

let’s actually be a smart here for a second and look at this objectively villain- dark knight supporting Cast- dark knight hero- black panther story- black panther visuals- black panther sound- black panther action- black panther winner- black panther. dark knight has awesome aspects in it that is why it is in number 10 but where it hits bad it hits too hard to be called perfect

how is black panther a better hero, batman literally carried harvey's crimes for 8 years so gothamites won't lose help. black panther's story is literally the most generic story in the mcu, the cgi on the rhinos and the third act was terrible asf. tho i agree on BP winning the other twos. oh and also you can still use more categories: Cinematography: TDK Drama: TDK Rewatch Value: TDK Effect on Comic Book Movies: TDK Legacy: TDK (for now and forever) There's also the fact that general consensus is that TDK is the best CBM of all time.

you are just salty and mad cause black panther is better than dark knight and i am a batman fan who loves dark knight rises the most. bruh why so serious

me? being salty? says the dude who suddenly calls me racist for not liking a movie, after i proved you wrong mutliple times you kept on changing the topic, you lose this one hard dude, stfu

no superhero movie has made more of an impact than black panther. not even dark knight rises and avengers. NONE

lol impact?? what impact did BP had over TDK trilogy and Avengers? other than black culture stuff bla bla bla that no one talked about post-2018. And people getting mad over how overrated is? TDK trilogy and Avengers changed the superhero film genre and regarded as one of the best superhero movies ever.

okay, maybe i was wrong about BP, it's still a decent movie, i just focused too much on it's bad things, but still it's nowhere as good as the crtics say it is or TDK

Black panther is such a garbage in the already mediocre mcu, the dark knight is such a masterpiece in the already masterful nolan's filmography

OVERRATED. Yep, looking back I'd call BOTH of these overly praised hypefests vastly overrated. That quote above sums it up..."Black Panther is average at best but TDK is nothing special anymore either."

this thread was so dumb looking back at it lmfao

To be honest, Black Panther is one of the weaker Marvel Studio movies, not bad but not good, just middle of the road

The Dark Knight, but both are the top of their genres.

Black Panther barely makes it into the top 20 of the MCU. It doesn't touch any Nolan movie

The dark knight ultimately perfect marks the actual superhero movie cinema