Black Panther vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron



Age of Ultron is the better and FAR more entertaining film. Odd that the better movie featuring "Klaw" comes in an Avengers cameo. Black Panther hype is way out of proportion from what actually hit the screen.

Age of Ultron is the better film but don't poo poo what Panther has been able to do!

Both have pretty problems involving tone and pacing. Although, I actually liked Black Panther. The characters are great and work really well together and the social commentary is very on point and adds a lot more depth to the film (yep, I said that). Age Of Ultron is fine on the first viewing, but it’s not very well written nor does it have a lot of substance.

Cutting through all the hype, Age of Ultron is simply the better movie. Better written with better characters overall and certainly more excitement. Worthy of the name AVENGERS.

black panther but ultron is underrated.