Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings vs. Black Widow



Marvel is certainly taking a HUGE step backwards in 2021. Lots of "meh" and lots of "HUH?"

Shang-Chi easily. More exciting action and a standalone story

The crack in the Marvel armor has appeared. Both of these are far far below their standards. DC/WB quality and that is NOT good in any way.

shang chi is a pretty decent movie, black widow is meh


I like both of these. Solid additions to the MCU.

Black Widow was solid, if a little underwhelming. I'll pick Shang-Chi, it's a lot more entertaining and has some of the best edited action scenes in any MCU movie.


Both are great. Marvel hasn’t taken a step back at all. Shang Chi was better throughout so I’ll take it. Loved Black Widow until the last 20.

Both movies are quite bad. Marvel can't turn the page fast enough.

Shang Chi...but I enjoyed both...

Both are below average. FAR below.

Shang-Chi without a doubt. Black Widow is good as well, but personally one of my least favorite MCU movies

Did not like either effort. Very very disappointed.

Shang-Chi is one of the best solo Marvel movies I’ve seen. Black Widow is fine, I like it more than most people but it’s not even close to Shang-Chi.

I'd say Shang-Chi is slightly above average for a Marvel movie, whereas Black Widow is slightly below average.

Black Widow without a doubt, might be average but Shang-Chi is far worse.

They are both among Marvel's lesser movies. Shang-Chi had cooler fights for me


Shang-Chi by a long shot.