The Big Lebowski vs. Fargo



Two of my favorite films, and while I would say Fargo is a better film the Big Lebowski just has so much personality it's hard to not always vote for it.

Tough one!!

A very hard choice, both of these being high-tier movies... I don't want to choose!

This is like Star Wars vs. Empire Strikes Back. How do you choose?

'Fargo' wins for me. I like 'The Big Lebowski', it just sometimes seems to be weird for weirdness sake. Which is totaly cool, but 'Fargo' is a more cohesive experience in my opinion.

Both of these movies are wonderful. In a pinch, I'd take FARGO more seriously as art, and LEBOWSKI is the movie I like watching repeatedly.

Yes... as others have said here before me, this one seems to come down to which you value more in a film: art or entertainment. I personally find it very hopeful for culture and civilization that the Coens have given us such good examples of each. I'm gonna go with Fargo.

Both are so well made, it's hard to choose. I'll go with the one that I find I can watch over repeated viewings.

Both of these are so good, I might get an aneurysm choosing between the two...

The symbolism in Lebowski isn't quite so horribly obvious as in Fargo, but this might be because the Coens were more focused on comedy than the moral. I know that the acting, characters, and story aren't quite as good as they are in Fargo, but this is really just because Lebowski wasn't trying to preach to us. I guess I have to concede the title "better movie" to Fargo, but it will never be my favorite.

Fargo is the perfect black comedy. I know Lebowski is entertaining, but does Malibu have a blue moose?

Fargo is still the Coen Bros. best, though just barely over a handful of others, including Lebowski.

Lebowski wins between my 3rd and 4th favorite Coen Bros movies

Outside of its (deservedly) iconic moments, The Big Lebowski did little for me. And it wasn't until I saw Fargo that I understood why the Coen Brothers are held in such high regard. So Fargo, easily.

Damn they're both so good!!!

Lebowski is just more fun. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

Maybe The Big Lebowski was funnier... It sure had some hilarious moments, but I kind of tend to Fargo. I think it's better as a whole.

I guess I just don't get The Big Lebowski. I enjoy John Goodman but thats about it. Fargo is easily the best from the Coens.

both overrated but at least Fargo is decent. Big Lebowski is just junk. sigh...i hate the Cohens.

SHIT!! the answer to me is very clear but SHIT!!!

The Big Lebowski is far more entertaining and humorous than Fargo. It is the Coen Brothers masterpiece in my opinion.

Eh, I never much liked The Big Lebowski. Aside from John Goodman's entertaining performance, I found the movie to be a bit of a snoozer. Fargo (Frances McDormand's irritating performance aside) is a much better representation of how good the Coen brothers can be.


i hate big fucking lebowski

Fargo. Like others have said concerning art vs. entertainment, I rank in terms of art. Fargo wins in that regard, though Big Lebowski is also great art as well as being entertaining.

Big Lebowski is my favorite Coen Bros movie by far. I love the characters, I love the dialogue, the soundtrack, the jokes,...pretty much everything.

Initally, Big Lebowski wasn't funny to me, but the jokes marinated in my brain and it was better the second time around. Fargo was great from start to finish in my opinion.


"i mean say what you want about the tenets of national socialism, dude, at least its an ethos"

The Big Lebowski, no doubt.

Fargo, while probably a better film, will never match The Big Lebowski's effortless entertainment and infinite rewatchability. Actually, I take that first sentiment back: The Big Lebowski's just as good, if not better, than Fargo, technically.

The Big Lebowski, for its complete adoration and subversion of all things noir.

Very close, but I think I gotta go with Fargo.

Both are great work by the Coens, but I prefer Lebowski.

Definately FARGO

It's not fair.....Fargo.

Fargo is much better I was never a big Lebowski fan

the big lebowski

If I HAD to choose the Dude abides, but if I didn't they are equal for me

The Big Lebowski, basically, is the story of a stoner who simply wants to get his valued rug back, while Fargo is about a car salesman who simply needs a little money. Both men get caught up in something way over their heads, and both are masterpieces, and perfect films. You honestly can't go wrong with either choice here. Yes, that was a cop out. Do I care? Nope.


These are two fantastic movies. I like The Big Lebowski just a little bit more, but I honestly don't have a reason.

hahahahaaaaahahahahah WTF. Fargo really sucks. One of the coens worst... And the big Lebowski is the greatest comedy of all time

Fargo is great and one of Coen's best. The Big Lebowski is The Shining of comedies so it still takes it.

The Dude abides on this one...but just barely...

Both are great films, but the Big Lebowski is absolutely hilarious.

Duuuude, betta believe Lebowski wins that one


I love both films. Fargo has too much going for it to lose here.

lebowski is great, but i love fargo more

Both are fantastic but I prefer the plot and style of Fargo!

I like Fargo slightly better but both are great. I should honestly rewatch both movies.

The Big Lebowski is one of the best comedies ever made. Fargo is great too but i think The Big Lebowski is more special. I understand why people say Fargo though. Well, it's just like your opinion man.

Both are good, but I feel more like rewatching Fargo.