The Big Lebowski vs. The Royal Tenenbaums



Trying to choose between these 2 quirky comedies is tough. Think I may have to go The Big Lebowski by a hair, though.

Both fantastic films in their own right, I'm going with 'The Royal Tenenbaums due to the complex characters and their relationships on top of the gorgeous cinematography.

Ok, not as tough as Ghostbusters v. Lebowski, but still a rough one. I may have to go with Lebowski, only because I have seen it way more than Tenenbaums.

As much as I love all thing Coen, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS is turning out to be one of the most influential films of the decade thus far, spawning countless imitations across every genre, particularly comedy. A watershed. LEBOWSKI is a wonderful, wonderful movie, tho, and one of the most likeable films I can think of.

Its always hard to choose between movies you loathe. I guess you have to go with which one you want to be lower.

Tenenbaums is a good film but is also filled with the same Andersonisms that irk me in all his movies. Unfortunately, it's those irksome details that proved most influential in the "quirky" film fad of the next half decade or so. As far as Anderson goes, I prefer the Darjeeling Limited. Lebowski is filled with so many in-jokes and allusions to other films and 80s culture that you could watch it 100 times and still pick up new things every time. But it still works even if you don't. Ditto for the camerawork -- it doesn't jump out at you; it mostly stays out of the way to keep the focus on the dialogue, but it's really meticulous. Lebowski for me.

Sophie's Choice, man. . . I'm going to go with Tenebaums because I saw it in the theater three days in a row and I have daddy issues.

Tenenbaums! sorry dude.

Both movies are chocked full of colorful characters but, once you get past them all, all you're left with is one movie that had heart and one that didn't. The Royal Tenenbaums wins.

The Dude by submission. Tenenbaums taps out!

I'm only Tenenbauming this equal match because it's my favorite Anderson film, while Barton Fink beats all Cohens (but not by much).

Lebowski was the better Bill Murray movie. Though I really did love John Goodman in The Royal Tenenbaums.

The Big Lebowski. I found it bit better.

The Big Lebowski by an ant.

The Big Lebowski out Tenenbaums the Tenebaums dude.

really close, but i prefer lebowski


Prefer Lebowski here.

I'm more of an Wes Anderson guy than a Coens guy.