The Big Lebowski vs. Pulp Fiction



This one could go either way, they're booth equally great.

toughest one yet.

Impossible to decide. Flip a coin.

Really frustrating choice.

the question is this: if i could see a movie right now, which one would it be? for me, it's got to be the dude

PULP is the easy win.

Giving it to Pulp Fiction.

Here they are the greatest 2 movies of all time!Fuck you and your Dark Knight!


Also: In-and-out Burger > Big Kahuna Burger


Pulp Fiction.

Big Lebowski is awesome, but c'mon. It's Pulp Fiction.

Zed's dead.

I hate to go against the as-good-as-it-gets comedy The Big Lebowski, but Pulp Fiction got it in the bag.

The best of the Coens vs the best of Tarantino, but I like the Coens and the Big Lebowski better.

Big Lebowski is an American classic but compared to the suberb mafia movie, which by the way contains stylish monologue and violence

I love The Dude but Pulp Fiction is my #1

I gotta go with The Dude...

Vincent Vega: "I shot The Dude in the face"

Vincent and Jules harms the Dude...

There is nothing like the Big Lebowski. Pulp Fiction is top-shelf, but not as unique.

^ This

I can't think of a single aspect that's better in Pulp Fiction. Big Lebowski crushes here!

Both are in my Top 20 but only Pulp Fiction is in my Top 10. Tarantino's film is groundbreaking and iconic.