The Hunger Games: Catching Fire vs. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1



Catching Fire is still firmly in the lead as best Hunger Games movie. I love the whole series, but Mockingjay couldn't help but be a little unfulfilling. That said, when Part 2 comes out, I could very well see Part 1 and Part 2 combining into something outstanding!

Mockingjay for FINALLY delivering what I wanted from these movies: Dead peacekeeper thugs

I'm not a die hard Hunger Games fan by any means but I was more impressed by Mockingjay. Catching Fire was good but Mockingjay seemed to be a much better crafted film and was much focused on the storytelling rather than devoting half the runtime to the games which I thought was a nice change.

Catching Fire was legitimately entertaining. Mockingjay desperately wanted to be the Empire Strikes Back gap-filler, but it came off drab and uninspired. The few scenes that tried to emotionally engage me were contrived and loaded with cheesy soliloquies. Poor effort and an unfortunate swan song for Hoffman.

I liked Mockingjay but I felt Catching Fire captured the best of both worlds in terms of politics and action.

Not even a fan of these kids flicks. Both sucked.

Catching Fire.

I dunno....both were entertaining enough...

I loved the first two Hunger Games movies, but the latest one was a snoozefest.

Is it bad that I don't know which is which? I enjoyed them both, however.