Get Out vs. Baby Driver



Get Out by a hair.

Baby Driver was so much more fun.

Like Caesar said, I had a lot more fun with Baby Driver. Get Out is fine but pretty overhyped

Gotta go with Baby Driver....

This is hard because both of these are in my top 3 of the year so far, I'm going with Baby Driver just by a hair

I love the satire and substance of "Get Out", but "Baby Driver" pulls ahead with it's more visual-oriented action and use of music.

i loved get out, hated baby driver...

Both good, Baby Driver for me.

I really enjoyed both of these films, but Baby Driver is simply amazing. It's Fast and the Furious meets James Bond meets Natural Born Killers.

I don't understand how such shallow and meaningless movies like Baby Driver and Get Out can be so loved. These two are just filled with so many problems and character arcs that go nowhere!

Over-hyped unmemorable garbage... both of them.

Ignore the two fools above me and listen to everyone else beyond them, Baby Driver and Get Out are both GREAT

Kersey475. *sighs* Maybe one day we could agree on something...

I loved both of these! 2017 sure had some gems.

I have come to my senses, I pick Baby Driver as well.

Jeez these comments are exsctly why i left the film community. People act like their taste is the only taste that matters. I enjoyed both movies. Though Get Out was fun and had some great moments. I particularly loved the style of Baby Driver and the use of music as a character. Brilliant work from Edgar Wright


Baby Driver was very entertaining but Get Out wins this.

get out of the way and move on