Heat vs. Ocean's Eleven



hmmm - two REALLY good ones. Pacino/Deniro/Kilmar vs. Pitt/Damon/Clooney. Heat is more badass, so I would tend to lean that way - but I think I gotta go Ocean's on this cuz I like the ending a little better; they got away with it!

i'd agree w/ you there. heat is obv badass as shit, and would take the cake over most movies, but oceans is classic and i can watch it a million times over and over and still enjoy it. heat would be 10 times better if they didnt jam in a gay ass love story that stretched it out past 3 hrs

Heat has its flaws, I can admit. (It is too long.) But I have a fondness for it that my admiration for Ocean's Eleven just can't match. Ocean's is fun as hell, and I love it, but Heat is my #3 on Flickchart.

Ocean's Eleven - one of my favorite heist movies of all-time.

Im taking Oceans Eleven its super slick and Im bias cause i love anything Las Vegas(I live there)

Two of my favorites. Ocean's Eleven has an amazing cast and it's a ton of fun, but Heat has Pacino and De Niro going head to head. doesn't get much better than that.

Heat wins in a VS of two my favorites...

I have to go with Heat on this one. Ocean's Eleven is a cool heist movie but I just enjoy Heat more.

Both have fantastic casts. I'm more of a Heat fan so I'll give it the edge.

Heat is just the better movie... Heat is the best heist movie of all time.

Heat. No contest.

My mind has changed 2000 days later Heat for the win

A bit close but Heat is the winner.