Heat vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



2 bench marks of cinema greatness right here. I gotta go with Heat.

These are both in my Top 10. I also have to go with Heat.

The sudden reversal of villain roles pushes T2 over the top. Doesn't stop Heat from being totally killer as well.

T2 has slipped into the bottom half of my Top 20. It's still there, but Heat is still a member of my personal holy trinity.

Yes, these are both benchmark films, but while "Heat" is an important film and set a new standard for action scenes, "Terminator 2" is groundbreaking from beginning to end. I think it's Cameron's best after "Aliens."

It IS Cameron's best after Aliens. It's just not as good as Heat. :-)

Heat is amazing and I dare say better than any Cameron film.

Heat. T2 is such a good film and one of the best of the 90s.......not as good as Heat though ;)

I think I'm going with Heat, but its extremely close.

These two films are too... blue. Judgment Day beats the Heat with liquid nitrogen.

I have to go Heat. My god...so tough though....

Loved Heat, but I must side with T2 on this one. One of the greatest sequels ever. After the first Terminator, it was hard to envision a sequel being better. Cameron flipped Arnold's role and the rest was history. Really clever when you think about it.

As tough as it gets. Two of the best action thrillers to define the 1990s. T2 wins, but only just.

Wow. T2 is really struggling here. I just watched Heat today actually. Loved it as much as the first time. But it is not near as fun to watch as T2

Both are awesome but I have to give this one to T2.


T2 easily.

This is my 11 vs my 12

Arnie beats Nicholson, Dicaprio, Damon, and Walberg.

@TheLovecraft98 this isn't the Departed dumbass it's Pacino and De Niro