Heat vs. The Expendables



STACKED casts. Heat's great. I understand that it's become cool to hate on it in recent years, but that's not a club I wanna join. Expendables was filled to the brim with dudes I grew up watching. First Blood, Rocky IV, The Transporter, Once Upon a Time in China, Showdown in Little Tokyo...all movies I saw before I even started high school. Those guys ARE my childhood. That's a lot of hype to live up to, and Sly couldn't pull it off. Can you imagine the devastation? The heartbreak? Nah, actually it's not BAD. It just doesn't come close to touching the movies it wants you to remember. So, yeah, De Niro, Pacino, Kilmer and Co. take this one. And it's funny that the more "actorly" of the two has the best action scene.

Have you seen The Expendables 2 yet? It kicks the crap out of the first one.

No, not yet. Meant to catch it while it was in theaters with my dad and kid brother. I hear John Woo wants to helm the third one(!). Sly would be a fool not to jump on a chance like that.

Jackie Chan is also supposed to be in it. If Chan and Woo and the rest of the group collaborated...damn. That'll be some good shit.

Yeah, I've heard the same. I hear Woo wants to stage a fight between Li and Van Damme, as well. If there really are Movie Gods and they're benevolent, they'll let this happen.

I'll start praying to the Movie Gods.

I am yet to view the second Expendables. But Heat is much better than the off-beat Expendables.

Didn't like Expendables. Heat is amazing and easily wins.

The cast of The Expendables itself makes it worth watching. However, it still doesn't even come close to Heat.

And the shutout continues...