Heat vs. Collateral



Wow. Tough call - my two favourite Michael Mann movies. One bought us Pacino

...and De Niro together on screen for the first time. The other bought us one of my favourite of Tom Cruise's dramatic roles plus a great performance from Jamie Foxx. Think I have to go with Heat.

Pacino and De Niro. Discussion over.

De Niro + Pacino couldn't make Righteous Kill a good movie. It's all about Val Kilmer.

Collateral features Tom Cruise in my favorite role. Say what you will about the guy, I do think he's a fantastic actor, and Collateral is his best work. However, that said, Pacino and De Niro totally chew up the screen in Heat. Heat is easily in my top five of all time. (Collateral's probably not too far behind....) [Oh, and dallas, re: It's all about Val Kilmer.... ROFLMAO!]

Heat. No question, hands down. Heat.

Michael Mann is a very inconsistent filmmaker, and I've often noted he works better with someone else's script... when he generates his own material he becomes indulgent and often writes scenes just for mood instead of story or character. HEAT is a prime example of Mann at his most impressive, but most scattershot. It's basically MIAMI VICE (2006) with a cast of Oscar has-beens. COLLATERAL was Mann at his most disciplined and refined. It also has a damn fine script and focused, knockout performances by two actors I don't usually like. Gotta go with COLLATERAL.

I admit I'm not as thrilled about Heat as most people are, but I still think it's a good film. However, Collateral is easily one of my favourite movies of all time (currently at #36 on my flickchart) and the second best movie by Mann after The Last of the Mohicans. Thus, it's no real contest here. Collateral is totally awesome and features one of the most intense 20 last minutes in cinema history.

@CeeTee: The Last of the Mohicans is on that list I have of movies I can't believe I haven't seen yet.

Does Michael Mann have the greatest ear for movie music choices or what? Anywhey, as I sit here, staring at a Balance Sheet that just won't seem to balance, I'm having an epiphany: There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said.

"Heat" was a bit more breathtaking, I think. And maybe a bit less "naive".

Heat is great, but I just felt Collateral was more intriguing and more interesting as a whole.

Heat was far more interesting and entertaining. Heat wins!

Mann's films are always off and on for me. These 2 are both ON. Heat is good, Collateral is better.

Heat...by a landslide. And I love Collateral....

Michael Mann is a genius but if I had to choose one of these two masterpieces.....I would have to go with the better one, Heat

I change my mind after re watching Heat on blu-ray. Heat wins...

Collateral... Cruise makes the difference.

Copy PiccoloKing's statement, paste.

They both have really good screenplays, fantastic performances. I think Tom Cruise gives maybe the best performance in any of these movies, even if DeNiro and Pacino are my top 2 favorite actors. There is just something about Heat which i can't really explain that keeps me from loving it. While Heat may be better filmmaking/directing, I loved Collateral a lot more.

Michael Mann's best films right here. Heat is his best film though.

Heat, but I love both

Collateral. Heat definitely had more action, characters, and scale, but that ends up backfiring for me as it makes Heat seem more bloated in comparison to Collateral's smaller simpler scale. Plus Tom Cruise's VIncent is more fascinating to me than Robert De Niro's Neil.

My top two Michael Mann films right here. Though Pacino and De Niro are my top 2 favorite actors of all time, I'd have to say Tom Cruise's performance in Collateral is the best of any Mann film. That being said, Heat is just too badass to lose here. Both are amazing films though.

Having just rewatched Collateral, I am completely torn. This will shake up my entire Top 20. Until I can give Heat another spin, I have to switch allegiance. I freaking LOVE Collateral.


Collateral was a snore fest for me. Heat easily.

Collateral was a tiny bit better I MO

Heat all the way!

Battle of the Manns. Heat takes it.

Collateral is a tighter film with easy to follow direction and very good performances. Heat is way too long.

Neither film do much for me beyond the technical, as I found both scripts to be full of cliché characters and unoriginal dialogue. But at least Collateral was a somewhat more fun ride for me, so there's that.


Heat is one of Michael Mann's biggest achievements and the bank heist scene may be the best single sequence in his career, but it doesn't beat the beautiful, emotional and terrifying trip across L.A's night that is Collateral.

Heat. Collateral is mann's 2nd best though but doesnt match heat