Midsommar vs. Us



Two great horror films from this year. Us wins.


Two fantastic horror films with a slight edge to Us.

I loved Us. It's a very good year for horror, even It: Chapter 2 was pretty good. But Midsommar is so very unique and different from anything else, even its most direct influences such as The Wicker Man. In my opinion, it exceeds Hereditary and even Us, which is still a pretty great movie but it's still pretty much like Get Out, i.e.

Both great horror or at least horrifying films as far as imagery and overall message. Us does so in a much more viewable fashion though I do admire Aster's ambition to be controversial and desire to make the audience think and feel ways we may rather not even though it might be just what we need.

I thought Us was a disappointment after Get Out, at once too subtle and too blatant, but God, it's at least better than Hereditary, which is just artsy Wicker Man that has far less to say than it thinks it does. Us frustrates me because it makes less sense the more I think about it, but at least it left me with something to think about, and had characters I cared about.


The slight edge has shifted to Midsommar after a second viewing of both films.

Midsommar is superbly crafted and is creepier and more disturbing than Us, which is a bit juvenile in comparison.

I've been both a few times now. Us is very good but kinda overwritten in parts. Or underwritten? Dunno. It has some plot holes and confusing decisions. Oh well, it's still unique and creepy. Midsommar however was disturbing, complex, rememerable and just a higher quality film!

US is the better crafted and acted movie. 7.5/10


No comparison for me .. MIDSOMMAR is genuinely creepy, unsettling and shocking while US was simply rather underwhelming, and a disappointing follow-up to GET OUT which was a cracker.

I wasn't really all that impressed by Us, but Midsommar remains one of the greatest cases of overhype in movie history I've ever seen... It's just a boring slog, and no matter how hard I try to understand, I don't get what it is people find so disturbing about it; how anyone could call it "creepy" or "shocking" is genuinely beyond me...

Us is unique. But I still feel Midsommar is way better