A Few Good Men vs. Top Gun



Young Tom Cruise at his best in both cases...

Never liked Top Gun. A Few Good Men is a good movie.

I also think A Few Good Men is a good movie. Sure, the courtroom scenes are overly melodramatic (even silly, at times), but it is thoroughly watchable and the performances are just dynamite.

Haha, two films in which Tom Cruise basically plays the same person! But in all seriousness, while I do heartily enjoy Top Gun as a guilty pleasure, A Few Good Men is a much better film.

A Few Good Men is a better movie...no doubt. And I love it. But Top Gun is such a great, fun cheesefest. Mav and Goose it is...

I agree with Caesar.

Both are just average for me. I think i got to Top Gun too late and I've seen random scenes of A Few Good Men on tv so much, that it's tainted the movie for me.

I personally think A Few Good Men routinely receives unnecessary criticism and thus is somewhat underrated. It easily wins here. Although, I must admit: I have a nostalgic past with the Top Gun soundtrack. Everything about it screams RETRO!!! Love it. But A Few Good Men is without question the better movie.

Top Gun is the better Cruise film for me.

No nonsense said it best.

Top Gun Iis a great popcorn flick that always delivers. It still holds up today.

Yes tom Cruise in his youth and Prime. I like Top Gun more but Few Good Men is a way better film!

To be honest, these are two Tom Cruise movies that I really want to like more than what I do! A Few Good Men is just a templete courtroom drama, and nothing more really. Still good, though. Top Gun is just average to me, so AFGM takes this one!