A Quiet Place vs. Hereditary



I appreciate what A Quiet Place was trying to do, and I like what it did a lot. But the truth is, it’s pretty simplistic and relies a lot on its gimmick. I do have to see Hereditary again, but for now, I really like it because of how complex it was and how real the characters are. Easily my two favourite movies for the year!


What Eagleskywalker said and these are my two favorite films of the year as well.


A Quiet Place was entertaining, watchable, but very very dumb. Hereditary is true horror.

A Quiet Place wins this one for me. I really didn't like Hereditary. Is it demonic, is it satanic, is it a ghost movie? Too many themes happening here. A Quiet Place knows exactly what it is with a unique and clear presentation.

Two of this year's best horror flicks for sure. Very hard to pick one I prefer.

I didn't liked A Quiet Place all that much. It's a fine piece of horror and I actually appreciated it very much. But as a movie, it simply failed to entertain me. I had way too high expectations for Hereditary, especially because it's a movie that reminds me of someone important for some reason. I actually was kinda of letdown as for the plot and storytelling, but it was legitimately shocking and well-made. Both are well-made, but Hereditary is just a more resonating movie overall.

Hereditary had a lot more depth which kept me interested

A Quiet Place is nothing but a very big piece of crap. It's filled with plot holes and the ending is an absolute joke. Hereditary is great!