The Brood vs. Scanners



really tough choice, both films are awesome.

Love both films dearly they dont make horror/action films like these anymore.

The Brood, all the way. Scanners had some interesting ideas, but finally it's boring and concerned mostly with special effects. The Brood was scary, disturbing and had some real psychological depth (especially for a B-movie). One of the best horrors I have seen.

I think I'll go with Scanners. Neither of these are close being among Cronenberg's best works that I've seen so far (History of Violence, Videodrome and The Fly), but they're still interesting and fairly intriguing. Scanners suffers from having a godawful lead actor (that's what happens when you cast a professional PAINTER as your lead character) and a twist ending that's not only there because it was inspired by The Empire Strikes Back's ending (my guess, but Halloween 2 did something similar) but also doesn't feel that relevant. I don't know, neither Cronenberg nor the actors seem to think this is a good twist, it's just sort of there. The film does however have the best exploding head scene of all time (I mean, c'mon, that alone makes it worth seeing) and Michael Ironside being awesome, and it's just a very atmospheric and well shot film with a great premise. The Brood is a bit dated in places (the first scene where someone gets killed feels incredibly hokey by todays standards) and it might be a bit lacking when you compare it to Cronenberg's later films, but it's still a horror film worth checking out. It's pretty close, but ultimately, I'm going with Scanners. I guess it's a bit more powerful and it definitely is more polished overall. Again, neither The Brood or Scanners is a perfect film or one of Cronenberg's best for that matter, but I still really liked both.

I like the Brood more its way scarier and deeper than most this is close two of my favs but yes the Brood.