Star Wars: The Last Jedi vs. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker




Congratulations to the Last Jedi, you are no longer the worst Star Wars movie!

Last Jedi has grown me. I now actually like a lot about it. Things such as Luke's arc and how it explores the moral grey area I find very appealing. Unfortunately, its filled with stupid moments, plot lines that go nowhere and the first order are portrayed as stupid and naive and the resistance are just unlikable. Rise Of Skywalker is just awful. Story and logic now makes 0 sense in terms of a standalone film and conclusion to a trilogy. Endless exposition followed by overblowing the Return Of The Jedi climax. It doesn't have the heart of the originals, the adventure of Force Awakens, visual appeal of Last Jedi. I also loved how Last Jedi ended with an idea that the war was always going to happen but as long as we have hope we can get through it. End the franchise with that. I was excited about the arc of Rey, Finn and Kylo but all of their arcs were completed in the first two so this one feels overblown and pointless

Rian Johnson took a bold step in steering the franchise towards a morally ambiguous territory, and these elements openly protested the pandering towards a stale retread. Conveying Luke as a vulnerable warrior in exile; A little sneak-peak into the opulent world of the rich elite, who enable oppression by pulling the strings; -- to name a couple. I feel like Disney submitted with their tails between their legs in The Rise of Skywalker. There's too much pandering; Sudden and predictable character turns; and possibly the most terribly paced Star Wars film ever made. They had the chance to really shine through on the final film and they simply fell short.

Rise of Skywalker

This is tough. The Last Jedi is a movie that I'm still very 50/50 on. I really like most of the Luke/Rey/Kylo stuff. I love the theme of accepting your failures, learning from past mistakes and being better because of them. I loved Snoke's death. I think the throne room fight is the most thrilling sequence of the whole trilogy. The opening scene with the bombers and the dreadnought is super cool. There's so much good in this movie. But then we have the Canto Bight section, that isn't necessarily bad but it really mucks up the pacing and it just doesn't feel like it belongs in this movie. Finn also really doesn't have the same chemistry with Rose as he does with Rey and it shows. The Poe and Holdo stuff is really dumb and it seemed like they were just creating unnecessary conflict for the sake of it. There's a lot of good and bad in The Last Jedi so ultimately it's pretty middle of the road for me. The Rise of Skywalker, on the other hand, is a lot more fun to watch. It has a very tight pace, and despite a few plot holes, is pretty inoffensive. The scene with Han was unexpected and really well handled. I really liked the creepy new take on Palpatine. Lando was cool. C-3PO actually has something to do in this one. And Chewie finally got his medal. And yet, nothing in this movie is quite as great as some of the best moments from The Last Jedi. And nothing in this movie is nearly as bad as the worst moments from The Last Jedi. So I'm not quite sure which movie I'd call "better". Anyway, I've been typing long enough so I'll just my chart decide on this one.

Both these movies suck. No need for wordy debate. Yet, at least destroying Luke as a hero was bold and interesting. Rise of Skywalker is just a lazy Mary Sue dumpster fire.

The dumpster-fire, or the dumpster-fire?

Both are bad, but The Last Jedi comes out on top. While The Last Jedi has a climax that I enjoyed, The Rise Skywalker is just lazy. I hate how they brought Palpatine back, since one of my favourite childhood moments was Vader's redemption, and this film just means that Vader turning back to the light is pointless. The Last Jedi's climax was in an amazing setting, and I genuinely enjoyed the storyline between Rey and Luke. The biggest problem with it is the Rose and FInn storyline, and it doesn't expand on any of the character's relationships. However, The Rise of Skywalker is awfully paced, lazy and boring. They don't expand on Finn and Poe's relationship since Finn just screams "REY!!!" all the time and for some reason Poe is just an asshole. Also, I hate how JJ just completely reverses everything that happened in TLJ just because people didn't like it. That ultimately made it worse. It felt like JJ was trying to compete with Rian for control over the trilogy. I'd like to see what you guys think and whether you agree or not. why did i spend so long on this

The Last Jedi isn't as bold or great as its fans insist, nor is it as heinous as its haters insist. The Rise of Skywalker, however, is every bit as awful as anyone who saw it knows.

The Last Jedi is meh, The Rise of Skywalker makes me sick at the mouth. I think I know what I'm picking

Both awful. At least The Last Jedi is trying to be bold, even if it completely misses the mark. Rise of Skywalker is a pandering, incomprehensible mess.

Rise of Skywalker is much better, actually the best of the trilogy. Last Jedi sucked to high heaven.