Star Wars: The Last Jedi vs. Return of the Jedi




I fundamentally disagree with everything they did to Luke in TLJ. That's not how it was supposed to go.

I haven't yet decided whether I agree with making Luke a bitter and cynical curmudgeon, but the choice intrigues me. I'm loving these new Star Wars movies, but none of them will ever top the original three.

The key thing that Rac said was Luke's character was "not how it was supposed to go". That's what made Last Jedi so amazing!! Why do fans want the story to be so predictable!! And the flashbacks clearly help us understand how Luke has gotten to this point. Last Jedi doesn't reach the greatness of the first 2 but has the slight edge on the original's inconsistent finale.

Luke's hero arc from Return of the Jedi is ruined by Last Jedi. That in and of itself SUCKS. I really liked other aspects of Last Jedi but them crapping all over the character of Luke Skywalker is almost unforgivable. Just bad writing...

Johnson wrote the Star Wars characters as people and not as (frankly somewhat dull) archetypes. Needless to say, I prefer The Last Jedi on first watch. “We are what they move beyond. That is the challenge of every master.” TLJ knows exactly it wants to do, and does it so beautifully by the end. I wouldn't be surprised if I grow to consider TLJ as my favorite SW with future watches.

I don't think the original 3 Star Wars movies will ever be topped by any other Star Wars movies.

hate return of the jedi, and while the last jedi might not be great as a star wars film, it's much better as a movie

These are two films I find are basically even in quality. They both feature absolutely amazing iconic moments that are among the best in Star Wars. But both also feature parts that drag down the flow of the plot, and feature several missed opportunities. This being said Return of the Jedi is the better told story of the two, and that's why it wins for me. The film is much tighter and well rounded, while The Last Jedi branched off sometimes and lost its focus.

The Last Jedi wins easily. Return of the Jedi is a bit messy a times, especially with the whole Luke saves Vader. The Last Jedi's storytelling was just perfection.

Last Jedi is stupid movie.Return of the Jedi is a classic.

Every vote for the Last Jedi is simply an effort to be a contrarian.

Return of the Jedi>The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is what we should have got from Return of the Jedi. ROTJ was my favourite film as a kid, and now as an adult, it's one of my least favourite films of all time. Last Jedi wins easily.

Both have some of the best moments of the series. Throne room fight and jabba, luke and vader were all amazing. At the end of the day I honestly find the ewok scenes far more tolerable than the casino planet scenes.

Last jedi might be the worst in series. Return of the Jedi is almost perfect sci fi movie.

Return of the Jedi is overrated to be honest. It's a good movie, but it's far from a masterpiece. The pacing in the second act was bad and any scene with the Ewoks was cringy and annoying. Still, it has epic Star Wars scenes. The Last Jedi, however, is epic start to finish. The porgs, though silly, don't have a huge relevance to the point and are in very few scenes, so they are miles better than the Ewoks. Unlike the Ewoks, Porgs are actually funny. The Last Jedi also has much better pacing and better execution of ideas. The Last Jedi wins for sure.

Return of the Jedi

Go fuck themself specially you MathLover9000 and all the piece of shit who hates ROTJ and think that is worst than The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones


The original 3 are the best.

I really don't understand how this is close for some people - or even in TLJ's favor. RotJ is so much better in every basic category, and even though it's far from perfect, it has also aged considerably well (with the exception of the speeder chase), whereas TLJ is already showing significant signs of outdated effects on top of uneven pacing, badly written characters and a non-existent plot. Yes, it has a few great scenes, auch as the throne-room fight, but those certainly don't make up for the rest of the film.