Eyes Wide Shut vs. Silent Night, Deadly Night



A couple of Christmas films. Well, maybe not in the traditional sense. Silent Night, Deadly Night has just the right amount of twisted humor. Also, it is an interesting psychological study that shows what would likely happen if a kid 1) saw his parents murdered by a guy in a Santa outfit and then 2) was raised by a really strict nun. Eyes Wide Shut is one of my (almost) favorite erotic films. If it was perhaps a tad shorter instead of going into too much detail about the aftermath of the orgy incident, it'd be awesome. Still, there is much greatness in there. I guess enough to even beat Silent Night, Deadly Night. However, the deer antler murder of Linnea Quigley is greater than any one scene in Eyes Wide Shut. That should be acknowledged.

Garrbage Dayy! No, that was the second one, but at least the original Silent Night, Deadly Night had a 5 year old kid in formal attire decking Santa Claus but good. Pow! Right in the kisser! That's how you punish. EWS is also good, but I still see that marijuana scene as a ludicrous moment killer. On the other hand, I found the entire orgy scene at the masquerade ball very, very threatening. I don't know why exactly, but I felt the same way when watching a similar scene in some French erotic thriller (I can't remember the name of film, but that scene involved some serious panning through a den of iniquity). I have never been to a masquerade ball, but the idea seems exhilarating.

Oh, yeah. I don't care for the pot scene, either. The orgy is great. I just wish there wasn't an explanation for it later. Without the pot and orgy explanation, marvelous film. That other flick wasn't Secret Things, was it? I can't remember much about the film, but it sounds familiar.

Good should man, it was indeed Secret Things. Nowhere near as competent a film as EWS, but there are a few bizarre moments that manage to intrigue (orgies and threesomes and incest, ow mai).

* shout. Damn predictive pad.

You're fucking crazy if you think Silent Night Deadly Night is the better movie