Eyes Wide Shut vs. Full Metal Jacket



on 7/5/2009

this is actually a tough choice for me, both of these are very close on the kubrick scale. i think i'm gonna have to lean .001% towards eyes wide shut.

on 5/11/2011

difficult choice, but i think overall eyes wide shut is a mor intense movie then full metal jacket, one of kubricks finest work.

on 10/11/2013

You look like the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around!

on 5/20/2015

I'd probably rather watch all of Eyes Wide Shut than the second half of Full Metal Jacket, but the first half of Full Metal Jacket is pretty great. I'm going with Eyes.

on 11/6/2015

Pretty easy for me. Eyes Wide Shut.

on 11/7/2015

Really 4-1 in favor of eyes wide shut.....Holy Fuck Fuck NO NO NO ......I gotta say you guys mudt have contacted something from old Mary Jane

on 11/7/2015

Your Days of finger banging old Mary Jane rotten crotch through her pretty pink panties are over.........FULL METAL JACKET WINS.

on 7/22/2018

The one with the great tits who OD'd in my bathroom.

on 11/29/2018

i dint like eyes wide shut fmj was slightly better

on 11/30/2018

I honestly strongly dislike FMJ. It's a series of disjointed comedic sketches. Eyes Wide Shut is 100% better!