Eyes Wide Shut vs. Pulp Fiction



on 12/13/2009

The most overrated film of the Nineties versus the most underrated film of the Nineties.

on 2/25/2010

Eyes Wide Shut is better than most of Kubrick films. Even Kubrick thought so. That's a fact; check it out.

on 4/22/2010

Eyes Wide Shut is a giant prank Kubrick pulled on cinephiles and pretentious critics everywhere. That's a fact; check it out.

on 4/25/2010

Prank? I'm curious to hear you elaborate on that. Because I'm such a snob, I was up Googling Eyes Wide Shut last night and mostly came up with nuts tying Kubrick's death to Scientology and/or Freemasons. That's pretty far-fetched, but it still makes more sense than the film being a prank, since Kubrick spent absurd amounts of time (30 years on the script, 2 years filming, 2 years editing) working on this movie. I just can't picture Kubrick making a movie that he didn't apply himself to 100%. That's what makes the movie so fascinating to revisit -- it clearly has a purpose, I'm just not sure what it is. What is your theory, AdmiralPiett?


on 4/26/2010

Eyes Wide Shut was great but not Pulp Fiction great.

on 4/27/2010

Protozoid, obviously you know a whole lot more about Eyes Wide Shut than I do; my comment was more a reaction to the previous one declaring the "fact" that it is one of Kubrick's better films, something I will vociferously deny to my grave. From what I read, he spent 30 yrs. working on a script, but about 20 of those were on a different idea about the start of the porno business that got mostly scrapped when Boogie Nights came out; he was also working on 2 other scripts, Napoleon and A.I. I believe. Similarly, Scorcese worked on an idea for a film for 22 years: it turned out to be Gangs of New York, a decent film but one of his weaker efforts in my opinion (at least, of the ones I've seen). So length of project doesn't equal masterpiece. And what in the hell was he editing out for 2 years, all the interesting parts? The movie felt to me like Tom Cruise aimlessly meandering between characters that didn't seem either believable or interesting (with the exception of Sydney Pollack), punctuated by a weird orgy scene that felt far too graphic and pointless to be anything but a porno masquerading as art. And after sitting through all of that, just as the movie started to pique my interest, it abruptly ends. THAT'S where I felt like I got punk'd by Kubrick. It felt like it ended mid sentence, like he died of a heart attack as it was filming or something. It, quite frankly, felt lazy, something I can say about no other Kubrick film. I don't care how long he slaved over it to make it feel lazy, it still felt lazy.

on 2/12/2011

If this was almost any other Kubrick movie it would get the win. Eyes wide shut is a mess and pulp fiction is a classic (not a masterpiece though, basterds gets that).

on 5/11/2011

tarantino vs kubrick, two diferent generations, two of the best directors hollywood has ever seen. even though pulp fiction is a original excelent work of art, i think eyes wide shut is the perfect ending, and the perfect work of art for the greatest director the world has ever known, in my opinion. eyes wide shut clear winner.

on 7/7/2011

Eyes Wide Shut Is Very Underated but For Me Pulp Fiction Still Wins

on 7/8/2011

I'm not having this problem you're talking about. I think I have Firefox 3 or 4 or whatever it is as a web browser. Oh I think Pulp Fiction is probably better. I need to rewatch Eyes Wide Shut.

on 7/27/2011

Problem seems to have corrected itself. Ghosts in the machines I guess...

on 3/12/2013

EWS walks all over Pulp Fiction.

on 3/13/2013


on 3/13/2013

Pulp Fiction by SMASH.

on 5/25/2013

After watching both twice, Eyes Wide Shut without a doubt.

on 5/25/2013

Eyes Wide Shut. No hesitation here.

on 6/18/2013

Eyes Wide Shut is a masterful film by Kubrick. I definitely see why it is his best film. You pick up something new every time you visit it, and that's the whole DAMN truth.

on 6/18/2013

Most definitely Pulp Fiction, but added to that I was only 10 when I watched EWS. I should think it's about time I went at it once more...

on 10/11/2013

Eyes Wide Shut is very good, but this is no contest. Pulp Fiction is my #1.

on 7/19/2014

Eyes Wide Shut is a much better film even though Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest films ever made.

on 9/11/2014

Eyes Wide Shut wins by a slight margin. My favorite film of the 90s

on 1/23/2015

Pulp Fiction is flawed (gratuitous weirdness and unnecessary violence), but it's much better than the pretentious, tedious, pseudo-titillating Eyes Wide Shut.

on 1/23/2015

Eyes Wide Shut is an underrated Kubrick film, it really intrigued me throughout its runtime. But Pulp Fiction is just on another level.

on 12/4/2015

I love Pulp Fiction, but it does have a few scenes that I could do without. On the other hand, Eyes Wide Shut is one of the few that I find to be pretty much flawless. Eyes Wide Shut for me.

on 12/6/2015

I despise Eyes Wide Shut way beyond its technical demerits, but even if it wasn't pretentious, pseudo-erotic crap, it would lose to a technically excellent (if morally bankrupt) film like Pulp Fiction.

on 7/20/2017

Eyes Wide Shut was certainly a masterpiece, something more. It's worthy rewatching without a doubt. What a hell of a misunderstood movie. I'm still taking QT's masterpiece here, but it can change with time.

on 11/6/2017

Pulp Fiction is the better film. Eyes Wide Shut has an absolute terrible ending. No pay off for sitting through 2 plus hours of smut.

on 11/13/2017

both are great, but kubrick's late masterpiece is far more impressive

on 5/3/2018

The best film of the 1990s vs the most overrated. Eyes Wide Shut for its complex script with a great main character, deep themes about love and commitment and also Cruise's best performance and Kubrick's breathtaking direction. But, in a shocking turn of events, Tom Cruise would go on and star in Mission Impossible 2 only 12 months or so later, thus beginning the chain of him starring in generic action thrillers for 10 years! Try and tell yourself that the same man who did the two "Jack Reacher" films or that "American Made" movie could pull off such a genius performance!


on 5/3/2018

Kubrick 's final masterpiece is still not as fantastic as the adrenaline pump powderkeg and edgy Pulp Fiction.