Her vs. Lars and the Real Girl



I choose Her because the main character's love interest could talk in that one, haha.

These 2 films are a perfect duel. Both are surprisingly enjoyable films that somehow take an uncomfortable topic, create a human interest story around different behaviors, and somehow make you care. I love Lars. It isn't sick or perverted, and so there for doesn't use sex as a tool, like Her does. Lars is the better film.

lars also


Divorced, single dad experimenting with online dating (which wasn't really a thing before I got married) here...the falling in love with someone who is "not human" was only a superficial similarity to me. Both movies were well acted and did a great job recreating some very raw emotions, but the story and characters in Her were more relatable to me. Thus, the feels were more intense (highs and lows) and that made Her far superior imo.