Gattaca vs. 12 Monkeys



This is insane! Very close win for 12 Monkeys here.

I've had some tough calls so far but this is the toughest of the bunch. 12 Monkeys by a hair.

I love Gattaca,I just love 12 monkeys more.

Both great, but 12 Monkeys wins.

12 Monkeys is just so much more interesting and nuts. If you asked me which would I rather sit and watch at this moment, its 12 monkeys without a doubt.

the more I think about Gattaca the more i like it, but 12 Monkeys is the more complete film

12 monkeys is the better sci-fi flick


Both films are engaging with a preference towards 12 Monkeys.

Guess I'll be the's Gattaca for me...