Gattaca vs. The Matrix



Gattaca is sooooooo moving ! I usually dislike overly moving films, but this one's too brilliant !

These are two of the best Sci-Fi films of the 90's (or any decade for that matter), but they are so different it's hard to compare them. I love them both equally for different reasons. I'm just going to have to close my eyes and point.

Gattaca is a fine film which ably showcases a sci fi story that doesnt require laser blasters or evil geniuses. That said,The Matrix was a game changer both technically and storywise.The Matrix is the one.

I hate these tought choices, it will take ages to decide, I am going for.... gattaca, matrix was uber great, but it was "just" a japanese anime rip off, let's face it

While Gattaca is certainly a compelling film, it isn't nearly as fun to watch as The Matrix.

The best part of the Matrix was the first half in my opinion. The second half was good but felt inferior to the first half's mystique. Gattaca was solid all the way through. Gattaca.