Gattaca vs. Children of Men



Wow, tough.

this is not fair. Children of Men wins

Tough to choose one over the other, but because Children of Men was a bit overrated, while Gattaca never got the exposure it deserved, I'm siding with Gattaca.

I think Gattaca is the clear winner here. It's more relevant as a cautionary tale, has an uplifting story (the ultimate in pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps), and is superbly acted/directed. I can't say much for Children of Men other than the scene where the car wouldn't start was pretty intense/memorable.

As a movie Gattaca is the obvious winner. Children of Men was a good idea with a decent execution but too much "look at how horrible this world they live in is! Ahhh feel bad!" all over the place. I think it was trying TOO hard when in the end it was just a dirty and pretty unbelieveable plot. Gattaca on the other hand is an incredibly believable story with great acting and wonderful execution for a science fiction movie. I think what really was the heart of the movie was character development, which has one of the best I've seen in a movie. In Children of Men you didn't get much time to connect with anyone besides the main character since they usually ended up getting shot.

I have to echo Sindorius' thoughts on Children of Men. Gattaca is the superior dystopian film.

CoM all the way.

I think I might go with Gattaca here if it wasn't for the ending. CoM came close to pissing me off at the end, but then saved itself with the last shot. Gattaca just pissed me off. Sindorius mentioned character development, but I feel like Eugene's last action nullified his entire arc? Oh, and Clive Owen over Ethan Hawke any day.

COM easily. Gattaca had all this build up for no pay off in the end.

Gattaca is a pretty good film, but it feels like it could have been a lot better. If it weren't for the romance being somewhat underdeveloped and the revelation behind the murder plot packed more of a punch, it would've been an all-time classic. As is, it's a good film that doesn't fully realize its potential. Children of Men feels far more complete.

Gattaca>Children of Men

Children of Men for me...