Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones vs. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom



Worst Star Wars Movie vs Second Worst Indiana Jones Movie. I guess that Temple of Doom takes over Attack of the Clones in this matchup.

I'm not a fan of Temple of Doom, but this is a no-brainer.

Temple of Doom absolutely slaughters Episode II.

The Temple crushes!

Agreed. Episode II: Attack of the Clones is by far the Worst Star Wars Movie. It has alot of boring scenes and it also has Anakin being a whiny crybaby throughout the movie. The Anakin and Padme Love Scenes is by far one of the worst romances ever and the reason to make Yoda as a CGI jumping monkey with a Lightsaber is stupid. Temple of Doom is decent but I don't find it enjoyable as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.

Temple of Doom!

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The Attack of the Clones is plaint terrible. There is no way that anyone could truly love that movie. It has the worst acting of the series, the most over the top, most "in your face" action sequences, the most terrible love story...I mean, c'mon...the one in Empire between Han and Leia was amazing. The one between Anakin and Padme was uh! UH! UHHH! Terrible!!!! The CGI Yoda destroys everything that Yoda stood for in ESB..."Size matters not" In AOTC, he needs to jump to be able to fight Dooku (btw, portrayed amazingly by the only actor who could withstand terrible script, Christopher Lee!) Anakin in this was even more annoying than he was in Phantom Menace... Temple of Doom, despite being weak when compared with the Last Crusade and Raiders, is still a great and dark Indy film which actually works perfectly! The acting was far superior, the story was better, the execution and writing was superior and a superior movie in every way

Temple of Doom by a longshot. Very underrated.

Episode 2 is not good. But I do not like Temple. What to choose?

I prefer Temple of Doom way more!