South Pacific vs. Camelot



Joshua Logan is said to have been a fine director of Broadway plays and musicals, but his talents obviously didn't transfer well to cinema. Camelot and South Pacific are easily two of my LEAST favorite movie musicals, and it's hard to determine which I like least. Although South Pacific has more hits, I prefer the score of Camelot (and probably the story as well, although I'm not certain on that count). The singing is better in South Pacific, but that's because everyone was dubbed except for Mitzi Gaynor (and she was hardly great herself). But then the acting in Camelot is far more memorable, with Harris and Redgrave offering strong performance in spite of their mediocre vocals. And South Pacific has those horrid color filters. I will say that it's marginally more exciting than Camelot, though, which has terrible pacing and just stretches on forever. I'm going with SP for the moment, but am not sure it will stay that way. At least it puts the movies back-to-back on my chart, which is where they belong.