Star Trek Beyond vs. Star Trek



STAR TREK was a lot of fun and convinced me that the reboot series could actually work. STAR TREK BEYOND proved it to me.

Something about ST: Beyond felt clunky. Certain concepts were underdeveloped, and there were a lot of key plot points that required me to take a leap of faith I wasn't willing to take. While a number of shots were exhilarating thanks to the swirling, gravity-agnostic settings in space and on the starbase, it results in a disorientation that tends to distract from the story-telling. Maybe a second watch would solidify the experience, but Star Trek and ST: Into Darkness were better films.

trek is a smoother film but i hate angsty daddy issue Kirk, and i felt they put more effort than was needed into justifying the reboot with the alternate timeline. Beyond is clunky in its pacing but i finally felt like i was watching a trek film.

Gotta go with the original....but man, Beyond was legit...

Love 'em both, but Star Trek was nearly perfect.

Beyond is the best Star Trek movie made in at least six years.

Seriously, though, it's good, but not spectacular. They got all the good character beats right, which is a big plus. Right now though, I'm not quite ready to put it above Trek '09. At least not without a little time and another viewing.

After seeing it a second time, I'm changing my tune on Beyond. It is, in fact, bordering on spectacular. I liked enough the second time to give it the slight edge on Trek '09 here. If there's another one, it needs to be much more like Beyond, and a lot less like Into Darkness.

You could tell that these films had different directors. Star Trek: Beyond was full of thrills, action, and adventure. But the plot was predictable and the character development fell flat. Star Trek (2009), on the other hand, went in to depth of some of the character's back stories and tackled a plot involving alternate universes and timelines. I found the first two films of reboot to be better films overall.

Beyond was incredible, in my view. Pegg and Lin set a whole new standard for the Alt Reality series.

I'd argue that Beyond better encapsulated what Star Trek's all about (and I disagree about the character development feeling flat--one of the strengths of the movie is that it put the crew front and center), but that the '09 film is slightly more accessible and entertaining. It's close, though. Both outpace Into Darkness by lightyears.

I enjoyed Beyond, but Star Trek 09 just feels more gritty. Maybe it was JJ's touch that does it, but it just feels bigger even though Beyond has a larger scope. Maybe it is the story telling that does it.

While I enjoy Trek '09, Beyond is far more faithful to the spirit of the series and was simply a more entertaining experience for me. Into Darkness can suck it though...

As much as I love to defend Beyond, the reboot just did so many more things for the franchise.

STAR TREK asked whether audiences still found Star Trek interesting. BEYOND asked whether we still found Star Trek values relevant. BEYOND's query resonated more with me.