X-Men vs. Iron Man 3



X-Men is only a short bit inferior imo.

Hell, even the disappointing Iron Man 2 is better than X-Men, so you know Iron Man 3 crushes it.

Iron Man 3 for me as well. I have never been a big X-Men guy.


"Hm gonna take down to the...pain train...station in train town, hmpunk" *burp*

Can these movies ever be good to beat

I thought Iron Man 3 was really bad and im more of an X Men person anyway sooooo X Men

Actually think this is a pretty close one...slight edge to IM3.

X-Men. Wasn't really a fan of Iron Man 3. It wasn't bad just very mediocre.

X-Men easy.

X men wins easily

Iron Man 3 ruined itself by taking the only good thing in it and turning it into a joke. I actually think it was on it's way to being one of the best in the MCU but sadly is one of the worst now. X-men while aged a bit it still so much fun to watch.

Iron Man 3 is the hidden gem of the MCU. Self contained and tasty. Better than anything from the year 2000 and that includes X-Men.

X1 is waaaay better. IM3 is trash.

X-men crushes. It still holds up as great even if X2 is the better movie. IM3 is crap.

X-Men may not have the strongest story, but it features some stellar world-building and an ideal cast, providing a firm foundation for what is to come.

IM3 is pretty overhated

Love that X-Men started it all but IM3 is simply the better movie. Respect to both.