X-Men vs. Spider-Man



Personality versus team spirit.. tough choice..

Going with 'X-Men' as it was a very solid first entry and I dislike some parts of the first 'Spider-Man' film.

Both are great first films, but I think Spidey just edges out the X-Men here. Just. And I might change my mind if I watched them again. Now, X2 vs. Spidey 2...? Then I'd have a REAL fight on my hands....

Definitely Spider-Man.

Two great battles from Marvel. The team work is better of the spidy work.

X-Men. I like them better...

Two of the great comic books movies. X-men is the better comic but Spider-Man is definitely the better movie.

A story's strength lies in its villain, and both Ian McKellan and Willem Dafoe were both excellent. "X-Men" was rewarding, but "Spider-Man" was fulfilling.

I like X-men as a franchise better, and X2 is my favorite overall in the super-hero movies. But between the Origins its a tough one. *Thinking* X-men FTW

Man. This is a tough one.

X-Men absolutely. The better film and comic book.


I don't know about the comic book but Spider-man is a better film.

The first Spider-Man is probably the best superhero movie so far.

Wow. Two solid entries for two great superheroes/team of superheroes. I really have no idea, since both spawned great sequels and terrible threequels.

X-Men. Hands down, cock sure, without doubt... Saturday morning and comic books, the nostalgia is terminal.


Time hasn't been very nice to either, but I think I like Spider-Man better.

Bryan's X-Men has held up a bit better over the last decade than Raimi's Spiderman. It's not quite as over the top and takes itself a bit more seriously.

I think Spider-Man takes this one. Both movies were essentially platforms for their next installments (which were exponentially better), but Spider-Man has a stronger story and better character development.

JRM is right about neither of these movies aging very well, but I do think Spider-Man is the more impressive of the two.

hard decision but my vote goes to Spider-Man

I agree with JRM, neither of these two movies have aged into timeless blockbusters, and fall short when compared to their sequels. X-Men is pretty weak in some areas, I haven't seen it in sometime, so Spider-Man it is.

I'm not a fan of the first three X-Men.

I'll have to go with X-Men as the Spider-Man trilogy did nothing for me...

The battle to see which movie based on my favorite comic book characters disappointed me less. X-Men ends up winning because, well...no Tobey Maguire.

If it were comics, I'd pick Spidey. Here, I like X-Men better.

Both are pretty good, but nothing special in my opinion. I'll go with Spidey.

I agree with JC


X-Men film's quality is most low

Well, it's actually not that bad than Fox version

Obviously the best the superhero genre has to offer. Ooooobviously.

The franchises that started it all! Thank God for these two thank God indeed.

X men for the win

Spider-Man owns the original x-men.

X-Men is decent but kinda vanilla. All the sequels have something to them that has more personality- even the awful ones (with an exception of Dark Phoenix is was a directionless mess that’s completely forgettable). Spider-Man is still great as well as being far more interesting than any film in the original X-Men trilogy!

both don't age well but SM1 wins since it has a better soundtrack and more memorable moments

Spider-Man is still just as awesome today as it was in 2002. It's aged very well. X-Men 1 on the other hand, hasn't aged well.

X-Men is better by a bit

Spider-Man has a more interesting style but the X-Men is better in terms of story and characters and has arguably aged better.

Both are classic Marvel movies, honestly both have aged really well. Spider-Man wins.

switching to X1 by far, SM1 is kinda mid looking back at it