X-Men vs. Batman Begins




this is going to be interesting.

Batman Begins was much better than the first X-Men

They both rank about the same. I have to go with Batman.

I like the first X-Men less because of how poorly the next 2 movies were written, whereas batman Begins set up an amazing franchise...

Well, the X-Men films are the closest Marvel has come to matching Nolan's Bat films. Still, Batman Begins is a stronger start to the saga than X-Men. Batman Begins FTW.

Noooooooooo! Rogan-san must not lose to The Bat!

X-Men is good and was the start of the modern day comic book films but Batman Begins is just too thrilling.

Batman Begins is the best superhero film out there if you ask me.

Well, I guess it's 9-0 to the Bat now...

x-men is ok, batman begins is overrated but good

ok, in terms of what happened after these movies got released? x-men, all the way. however, just looking at the movies and not everything else after the fact it's definitely batman that comes out on top.

X-Men is still a good movie and is underrated in recent years (how are people taking Ant-Man, Thor or the first Captain America over it??). Batman Begins is a masterpiece in terms of superhero origin story and will probably never be surpassed