The Hateful Eight vs. Spotlight



I haven't chosen between these two yet for which movie I like better, easily two of the best movies of 2015. But, having seen Spotlight twice, I'll choose it for now.

Spotlight is a good film with interesting subject matter, but The Hateful Eight features a brilliant ensemble cast, fantastic dialogue, and an incredible score. Easy choice for me.

Spotlight is a sober, well crafted film that tells an "important" story. The Hateful Eight overflows with style and the love of cinema. All films that do so are better than all those that do not. I liked Spotlight and admired it to a point but there is no comparison here. 8 will have the last laugh on all of these films that are nominated with the true test of time.

Spotlight may be a more appreciated film amongst critics and Academy voters -- not to take anything away from it, it's a great film. But The Hateful Eight impressed me on a whole other level. The writing, cinematography, score, performances were all breathtaking. My favourite film of 2015, it wins here.

I've watched The Hateful Eight three times. And they're nonstop. Spotlight...I fell sleep during the movie. (That's the reason I didn't add it) I'll try to finish it someday, and I'll add it. But Imo, it's kind of average. Btw, about what godardisgord said...In my opinion, it's already better than any of these nominees. Academy Awards sucks!

Spotlight is, of the movies I've seen from 2015, the most well-written, hands down. I personally was far more engaged during Spotlight than during The Hateful Eight.

No contest. The Hateful Eight is a western-mystery-dark comedy held together by Tarantino's sublime skill at writing, dialogue, and workign with all-star casts while Spotlight is FAR too subtle and low-key for it's own good to the point of being unmemorable

Yeah, Hateful Eight, Spotlight will be many others but not Tarantino here

Does anyone still remember Spotlight?

Both great movies, but The Hateful Eight wins. It's Tarantino in his best form, working with a dense and captivating script with impeccable performances. And the return of director's alumni like Tim Roth and Madsen is always welcoming.

Spotlight is objectively better, but The Hateful Eight has so many great things that continually bring me back to it. For personal preference my pick goes to Quentin Tarantino's criminally underrated masterpiece.

Agree with everyone else on here.

Spotlight, for me, was the best movie of 2015. It's such an important movie and I really love thrilling investigative journalism movies, like Zodiac and All the President's Men. The Hateful Eight is one of Tarantino's weaker efforts, in my opinion. I liked the premise of a locked-room mystery, but any of the wonderful tension that the movie builds is quickly undercut with more gaudy violence. It's a shame since Tarantino has shown in the past that he can be a great, intelligent filmmaker, yet to me he dips too much into indulgence rather than substance.

the hateful eight is one of tarantino's lesser efforts but still great. spotlight is great too, but it isn't very memorable and definitely didn't deserve best picture


Hateful Eight is more memorable and the better film.