Adventures in Babysitting vs. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



It's a sad day when Elisabeth Shue kicks Harrison Ford in the nuts.

its quite true adventures in baby i have to say is better then the newest edition of the indi flicks idk if it was because indiana dosent play well now a days or what but i loved the first 3 and also why i loved the first three was that their was morpractical effects and less cgi and bull that didnt need to be their

I have to agree with goat6boy on this. Although the 4th Indy film was good it wasn't as good as the original 3. Like he said there is to much CGI in it and not enough realistic stuff like in the first 3. Adventures in Babysitting is a very funny movie and ever time I watch it I think back to when I had a babysitter and wish we did stuff like that. hahaha

I can accept people preferring any of the other Indiana Jones movies over Adventures in Babysitting, but Crystal Skull is just going too far. At least Adventures has some heart and isn't completely drained of life by obnoxious CGI and terrible attempts at humor. I saw Crystal Skull at the movie theatre and left feeling pessimistic about the future of humanity. When I saw Adventures at the theatre, I left feeling hopeful. When I watch it even now, I still feel hopeful. Crystal Skull wants to take that away from me.

Exactly, KingofPain. I couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't even try.

Come on KingofPain, I bet you sing, "And Then He Kissed Me in the privacy of your dwellings every now and then.