Memento vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Both great Nolan films, but to me, Memento is less flawed then Rises.

I'm a bigger fan of Nolan's non-Batman stuff. Memento wins.

Memento is much better. TDKR is good, but it's too flawed to go up against a film as tight as Memento.

Memento...still a one of a kind experience....

My two favorite Nolan films and it's still Memento by a solid margin. I don't know if the guy will ever make a better film. 13 years later and there's still nothing like it.

As massive the difference between their respective budgets is, the gap in quality is still wider. Memento is a unique masterpiece.

Memento is without a doubt the better movie and accomplishment, but I get more joy from rises, so that's what I'm going with.

I agree with randy, Memento is technically the better movie, but I like TDKR better. RISE

It has to be Memento, like others have said. Incredible and flawless- Memento TDKR is flawed, entertaining but flawed

Memento > Inception > TDK > TDKR > Prestige > Following > BB > Insomnia

Memento wins easily.

I love rises but in no way it is better than classic movie which memento is.memento for the victory

Both trash but at least TDK is watchable

Dunkirk > Prestige > Memento > Inception > TDK > BB > Insomnia > Interstellar > Following > TDKR. TDKR is honestly the only Nolan movie that I don’t like and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Memento is far the best Nolan film..

Nolan's best vs disappointing worst.

The Dark Knight Rises, but it's close.

Memento is way much better Nolan’s one

both are nolan's top 3, but i enjoyed TDKR more

I love every Nolan movie, he is one of the best directors out there and certainly my favorite. Memento is still top 20 of my favorite movies, The Dark Knight Rises is the best conclusion of all time. It is emotionally satisfying, and just next to Joker and The Dark Knight as my favorite comic book movies ever. Honestly I just love both of them a lot. Nolan is such a great director.

I personally can't call Rises the best conclusion ever because there are so many different types of endings. Bitter endings, happy endings, bittersweet endings, etc. Rises has a great happy ending, but there are other types. And yeah, Memento as a whole is just way better than Rises