Memento vs. The Godfather Part III



I love THE GODFATHER series, but PART III was by far a disappointment in comparison to the first two. MEMENTO was an excellent movie - very creative, well-made, and great performances from a solid ensemble cast. It's not ranked as high on my chart as the first two GODFATHER movies, but it beats out PART III.

The Godfather Part III

No contest whatsoever.

Memento without hesitation. It's such a brilliant film. Godfather Part III was such a huge letdown but it doesn't help that it's following to absolutely stellar predecessors.


Well, GF3 pretty much became the poster boy in pop culture for bad/disappointing sequels (until Crystal Skull came along). While it's not quite worthy of the deriding its received over the last few decades, it's definitely not as good as Nolan's (arguably) magnum opus.