Memento vs. Adaptation



Two awesome and unique, and very different, examples of storytelling. I'd say Memento makes for a more fun watch, but both are essential viewing.

Memento never really worked for me. A lot of it was repetative and tedious after some time, which I know was the point of the movie, but I guess it just wasn't a premise that worked for me. It's hard to deny that Nolan did a good job in visually showing this kind of fracuted story. Adaptation is such a smart, clever movie that was brilliantly acted, and gave Chris Cooper a much deserved Supporting Actor Oscar.

Adaptation had better acting and a more consistent story but Memento was right up my alley love the bizarre hard to understand concept I love those type of films got to go with Memento esay win

Two unique, character-driven masterpieces that reach their catharsis through nonlinear narratives. In the process, Jonze and Nolan, respectively, still present their story in a concise manner and each frame gets progressively intriguing. I'll give the edge to Memento for its smart concept and immersion into the life of a special amnesiac.