Chungking Express vs. City Lights



Love stories - gotta love 'em. Well, the non-Aniston/Heigl/Hudson kind, anyway. Chaplin had a genuine masterpiece on his hands when he made City Lights. They really don't make them like that anymore (see: the Aniston/Heigl/Hudson chimera). But, and I'll probably be branded a blasphemer for this one, I have to side with Wong Kar-Wai's style and energy on this one. Well, I call it energy. From what I understand, the movie makes some people sleepy. City Lights is a movie I'm absolutely in love with, but we'd have to get a divorce if being married meant I'd never get to watch Chungking Express again.

Totally agree with you, ToryK. City Lights is ace, but Chungking Express is even better, and mesmerizingly beautiful. It doesn't quite match Modern Times for me, but that's not what's up for debate.

I'll disagree. Chaplin wins. Not my favorite Chuck flick...but it's good enough to beat the Express...

I can't be the only one on the internet who thinks Chungking Express is insufferably twee, can I?

No, you're definitely not the only one. But if anybody's going to make a romance that is "insufferably twee", it's Hong Kong. I fucking love it. Some people hate it. What can ya do?

I could watch Faye Wong working at "Chunking Express" to "California Dreamin'" forever on a loop. I love Chaplin and "City Lights" has an even better ending than "Chungking Express" but Wong Kar Wai's movie hypnotizes me with its lonely characters, unique humor and gorgeous babes .