American Beauty vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



Maybe I need to see Eternal Sunshine again but I just didn't fall in love with it like many did. American Beauty stood out in one of the best years for movies (1999).

This is it..these 2 films are my 2 favorite films of all time,i could go on and on on why and many people will disagree,but i must've watched these 2 movies dozens of times each..ultimately American Beauty takes the win just by a hair.

Now this is a tough one. American Beauty blew my mind, but Eternal Sunshine speaks to everyone who knows true love, and never giving up on it. Eternal Sunshine wins...

Both visually and emotional powerful films, Eternal Sunshine and American Beauty are both in my Top 30. American Beauty wins this one for me because of the powerful ensemble performance by Spacey, Bening, and Co. Eternal Sunshine is really great, but just didn't quite leave as big of an impression on me as Beauty did.


American Beauty has a stronger character arc and acting ensemble. Eternal Sunshine is more elusive and trendy.

2 phenomenal films American Beauty wins for now, but it might change when i'll revisit both

American Beauty by a hair.

American Beauty is the more though provoking film, and with two dramas, that makes it the better film.

Eternal Sunshine gets my vote but I've only seen American beauty once

I absolutely love both of these movies, but American Beauty is my favorite. Both are charming as fuck and have such humanity, and Eternal Sunshine has fantastic visuals, but little things about it irk me like the subplot with Kirsten Dunst and overall I prefer American Beauty.

For so long I thought American Beauty was better, but after re-watching Eternal again after years - the tables have turned.

Eternal Sunshine definitely, but both are in my top 5.


American Beauty holds firm after all these years.

Close, but American Beauty, despite Spacey.