American Beauty vs. Oldboy



damn, now this is the one of the hardest matchups I could have been given... Oldboy was tense, shocking and had great acting but... American Beauty.

Oldboy is not my favorite Park Chan-Wook film, but it's a pretty good one. It also has little of American Beauty's smug hypocrisy.

American Beauty is much better. Spacey's best. And that's saying something.

I just watched American Beauty for the first time yesterday. It blew me away much like Old Boy did when I first saw it (but in SUCH different ways). I think in the future I'll have watched American Beauty more times than Old Boy (currently have seen it 4 times). I'll also have to go with American Beauty because a no-name actor (that played Ricky) actually made me tear up on 3 separate occasions just from performing his monologues. That screenplay is near flawless.

now this is a tough one, but im going OLDBOY because i want to