American Beauty vs. The Sixth Sense



Two of the best of '99. I'll take American Beauty.

American Beauty topples Bruce Willis...

Sixth Sense

so so easy American Beauty takes the trophy

The two best films of 1999. American Beauty had the better acting and overall performances. Sixth Sense was more unique and had the better ending. I have them both in my top 250 of all-time and literally back to back in my rankings, so maybe they'll flip flop someday. For now, I still choose American Beauty over Sixth Sense.

Don't forget about Fight Club, October Sky and The Green Mile from 1999 too. All amazing films

American Beauty but it's close.

American Beauty, but The Sixth Sense is good.

Give it up for Bruce! Sixth sense for me

Sixth Sense is great. American Beauty is perfect and one of my top 3 favorite films of all-time. My top 2 are both animated films. Meaning that this is my favorite live-action film period. I mean that. American Beauty wins.