Loving Vincent vs. Citizen Kane



I don't really like these flashback-y movies. Some of them just aren't really interesting (Kane, Velvet Goldmine) or just feel really amateurish (Rashômon, maybe Saw but then that's one that I enjoy). Loving Vincent probably fits in with the first example; it's just not interesting enough. In fact, it's an aesthetics movie. The story isn't involving at all, but the imagery... definitely worthy it. Citizen Kane's first half had me hooked. I felt that it was going to be truly one of the greatest movies of all time! But then... it fell apart. It was just too cold, too distant, too... uninteresting. Loving Vincent is worthy a watch more because of its visuals, but then it's also the only film entirely in oil paintings that there is in the world. Citizen Kane had a lot of great techniques, but those have already been used over and over by better and worse movies. If you got a story that is as mediocre and not special as this, then is still worthy a watch?