American Hustle vs. The Wolf of Wall Street



Two of the best movies of the year. Both with great direction and a very talented cast.

Liked Amarican Hustle loved WoWS.

Wolf Of Wall Street. No competition

I love the Wolf of Wall Street, but American Hustle felt more complete to me, as well as more relatable to more as well. Still happy both films were nominated for best picture though. Both really are fantastic in my eyes.

WoWS. Easy.


American Hustle has the edge because of the superb acting and the razor sharp script.

Both movies felt rather sloppy, particularly since their directors are usually much sharper in their work. Still, at least The Wolf of Wall Street had a few moments of pure greatness, whereas American Hustle didn't have any.

I agree with Caesar that both are pretty sloppy considering the directors' reputation for sharp, cutting-edge social commentary. That being said, while i wouldn't want to watch either again, Wolf was probably the more striking and memorable of the two, despite being an obvious rehash of Goodfellas. American Hustle was probably the more even film, but was ultimately more forgettable, so Wolf wins.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the clear winner in my book. When Martin Scorsese is on top form, its pretty hard to compete with him.

American Hustle wins for me. After a third viewing, it's one of my all-time favourite films.

Wolf Of Wall Street, Dicaprio is superb in this film and Terrence Winter is such a good writer. David O Russell did a better job directing in my eyes but Scorsese made a more coherent film.

Both are brilliant but American Hustle has a slight edge.

The Wolf of Wall Street literally crushes American Hustle in just about every way. Better characters, better director, better every thing Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite movie of 2013 and one of my all time favorite films. American Hustle was shockingly overrated and boring, I don't remember any of the characters except for Christian Bale. American Hustle was very disappointing and not good at all. The Wolf is not boring a single second in it's 3 hour run time, The Wolf of Wall street is my favorite movie in the last 3 years and completely demolishes American Hustle.

Caesar makes a good point: both films do feel pretty sloppy. With that said though, The Wolf of Wall Street was ridiculously entertaining and the better film as well. American Hustle wasn't boring, but it also wasn't engaging. It was...strangely unmemorable. The acting was solid in it, but the narrative was so unfocused. I much rather have TWoWS' repetitiveness and (at times) sloppy editing over American Hustle's confusing narrative and general blandness. Although I will give American Hustle this: Live and Let Die is a better song than Goldfinger. Goldfinger is the much better film, however. Now I'm talking about Bond again...oh well.

Scorsese easily outclasses David O. Russell.

the Social Commentary of the times of greed corruption and love in both period pieces Hustle was Fantastic but Leo and Scorsese were in top form love both but Wolf of Wall Street was funny crazy and insane good acting. a great film!

After re-watching both films multiple times, I've changed my mind and have to say that the Wolf of Wall Street is the winner. American Hustle is still a great film but Wolf of Wall Street is just sensational.

The Wolf of Wall Street

American Hustle had some of the elements from previous Scorsese movies while Wolf of Wall Street didn't have anything I can find.

Jonah Hill's character was annoying but funny in wolf. Jonah Hill wasn't half as annoying as that CUNT Jennifer Lawrence though.

American is very overrated in my opinion. The wolf of Wall Street is a great film and is number 26 on my chart.


The Wolf of Wall Street is too profane to win here but both films are excellent examples of excessive greed and corruption in today's rat race.

The Wolf of Wall Street was outsiding perfect, didn't like American Hustle that perfectly.

The Wolf of Wall Street>American Hustle

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't made a good movie since Inception. American Hustle FTW!!!