American Hustle vs. Inside Llewyn Davis



Two great movies from 2013, but I have to go with American Hustle on this one.

Llewyn Davis. One of the biggest omissions from the Awards. It's pathetic.

I enjoyed American Hustle, but this is an easy win for Inside Llewyn Davis.

Gotta go with The Coen Brothers here as well, I can't resist.

I did not enjoy American Hustle, I thought it was the most overrated movie of 2013. It did not interest me and I did not think the characters were anything special. Llewyn Davis was very well acted and it's music was great. I say Llewyn Davis is the better movie.

Tough good 2013 releases but Inside Llewyn Davis was better

Hustle had the best acting and directing of the year, but Llewyn Davis is probably in my top 20 of all time. In fact, I'll have to re-rank it after this.

American Hustle is my favorite movie of 2013 and it also had the best soundtrack of classic music from the 70's.

Both are funny but only one has a really good story. Underrated beats overrated here.