Akira vs. The Matrix



awesome cyberpunk combo! could only be beat by a ghost in the shell and matrix duel. umm.. matrix, i guess.

Seriously? how do you pick. I'll go with Akira, but by a SLIM margin

I have to go with Akira. Why? Cuz what it lacks in bullet time and black leather it makes up with moterbikes, epic space lasers, and mind fuck. Lots and lots of mind fuck.

I'll side with the Matrix here, easily. Akira and other anime like it just have not tickled my fancy. The Matrix, however, floored me the first time I saw it.

The Matrix owes a lot to anime films like Akira and Ghost in the Shell (the latter of which I have not finished watching yet), and while both these films are enormously entertaining, I grew up with the Matrix, and it had a much bigger impact on my appreciation of film as a whole. Akira is still cool as ice and the manga only supports it, but the Matrix introduced me to philisophical sci-fi combined with breath-taking action, awesome special effects and sheer mind fuckery which I have become used to and enjoy so much in films today.

sorry, I meant *the manga supports it greatly*

"Cuz what it lacks in bullet time and black leather it makes up with motorbikes, epic space lasers, and mind fuck" And another plus: it lacks bullet time and black leather. Anyway, unlike a lot of people, _what I like_ about Akira is that it's so different from the comic. Film is a totally different medium with different narrative abilities. It's not a flawless adaptation (the plot's a bit slippery and ultimately degenerates into pseudo-philosophical whateverness), but it left much more of an impression on me than The Matrix

Matrix. Akira might be a trend setter...but it was forgotten an hour after I watched it. Bullet time for the win!

I really love Akira but The Matrix will always be better.

Akira just doesn't do it for me.