American History X vs. Fight Club



These are two of the preachiest and most obtuse movies I've ever seen. I suppose I'll give my vote to American History X because it's slightly less unoriginal.

Edward Norton is awesome.

Both are great films, but I think American History X short-changes us a little bit on Norton's transformation in prison. Fight Club has no one thing that bothers me like that, so it gets the nod here.

The two best Edward Norton Movies, Fight Club wins easily although AMX is awesome.

This is insane. AHX doesn't measure up to Fight Club. There aren't many movies that can.

Fight Club!!!

American History X is the better film.

American History X. Norton is far greater in it.

American History X smashes Fight Club. Norton is off the charts in this one....

norton kicks ass in ahx but i'll go with fc

Fight Club is a clever film with a fantastic twist and performances by the two leads but AHX is one of my favorite films of all time and Edward Norton's transformation physically in preparation for the film and emotional during the film puts it ahead of FC in my eyes.

Norton's performance in X is better, but Fight Club is too legendary.

Norton's two best, Fight Club wins.

What a freakin' curve ball. When it comes to Edward Norton,i think this is not even a contest: "American History X" easily gets it. I may change it later 'cause it's too damn close,but for now i will stick with it.

American History X is the more quality film. And I personally enjoyed it more as well.

Very different movies but both similar at the same time. Both have a stab at society but Fight Club plays with your mind and American History X plays with your heart. Both have good structures mixed with stunning cinematography and acting. Fight Club is the winner here because some parts of American History X feel a bit rushed.

Norton's two best films for sure, AHX wins

I like Fight Club more. AHX was a really good film though.

AHX is my favourite. Fight Club is good, but AHX i fantastic! In my opinion

Ahx, I believe ,is the better of the two. Norton's best.

Ahx, I believe ,is the better of the two. Norton's best.


Two great films with brilliant performances by Edward Norton enhancing their strength as cinematic master works. Fight Club is the knockout here.

both films are good, but i go with Fight Club

American History X is more memorable than Fight Club but Fight Club was more enjoyable the first time i saw da movie

X marks the spot...

Sorry for adding another comment but I just realized something interesting. Ed Norton in the 90's seemed to be on a personal mission to highlight the dangers of a right-wing, fascist mindset. Released in 1998, American History X is quite overt in condemning the hypocrisy and self-destructive effects of Neo-Nazi organizations, which are portrayed as parasites that leech off the anger and bitterness of gullible youth who don't know how to channel their hate. You could say it's a not-so-subtle, Xtreme (pun ftw!) attack on fascism. A year later the same threat is examined more ambiguously in Fight Club, because we all know what's going on once Project Mayhem goes haywire: Terrorism and vandalism in full swing; the memorable reaction to Robert Paulson's unexpected death; fucking Brad Pitt shaving his head off like a skinhead. Here, too, Tyler Durden's charismatic, Hitler-like persona successfully fools his followers into believing that a right-wing revolution is the answer to ennui and dissatisfaction caused by a post-modern society. But the Narrator knows that this solution is probably worse than the problem itself!


Right on PiccoloKing!

AHX not close for me, still love Fight Club though

I really like X but Fight Club wins not even close.