American History X vs. American Psycho



This is an intense battle, but American Psycho is a tad more gripping.

American classics!

American History X slips by...Norton was just unstoppable...

Norton's performance in American History X was more impressive than Bale's in American Psycho. AHX is also the more powerful film.

I am leaning towards American Psycho. Much more engaging.


Both are in my top 10, but X is currently my #1.

Bale and Norton both one their role in these films. I think that American History X is the better movie.

American Psycho

I like the point of view and the witty social commentary and great sexy violence of American Pyscho more yes A.H.X is brilliant but AP is funny and the horror never backs down yet isnt the only layer of the movie! AP wins for me!

AHX is more powerful but less enjoyable than American Psycho. The witty dark tone of Psycho beats the uncomfortable mood of AHX.

Gotta go with Pat Bateman

American Beauty > American History X > American Psycho

comfortably american history x