The Elephant Man vs. Freaks



Good idea for a double-feature. Impossible for me to choose between them, however, because they are both so hypnotic.

Well put. Ideas for double features are usually more interesting to talk about in an offhand manner than to actually undertake, but this is a twofer that I vow to watch in the future. If only I could see them both on the big screen.

While The Elephant Man is certainly an interesting film about an unfortunate soul, I really think David Lynch's eccentricities made it all less emotionally engaging than it should have been. Freaks is also a bit too weird to really connect with, yet its pure entertainment value makes it a film worth watching again and again. It wins this matchup.

I agree about The Elephant Man, Caesar. While I certainly have liked it, I wasn't ready and not even expecting some of the craziness David Lynch put in it. Freaks was kinda of "updated" in the fourth season of American Horror Story and that kinda altered my judgment for the movie, that being said I still thought it was pretty good and entertaining. Maybe not a masterpiece nor a horror legend, but it truly is good. I'm picking it here, not diminishing the impact that The Elephant Man made on me, dude. We're all freaks.

Freaks is a numbing experience, but it works so well because of its uniquely stellar plot. The Elephant Man spent too much time wandering about, and it loses steam towards the backend. I really liked the way Freaks exhibited the true ugliness of "normal" society by compartmentalising that prejudice into the two main villains.

Nod to The Elephant Man....